Slim Max and Usage

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SLIM MAX weight loss supplement is produced through modern technology with pure, natural plants, enriched vitamin and collagen. Clinically proven that SLIM MAX helps reduce weight, reduce body fat, makes skin stronger and smoother, is safe and effective in using. Losing at least 14-18 lbs for the first month use. It can be used for both Men and Women. They have found success with it.


Supplement Fact
Serving size: 500mg per 1 Capsule.

Serving per Container: 60 Capsules

Ingredients List (Standard Common Name)
Functionnal Ingredients   Amount

Per Seving     Daily %

Chromax (as Chromium Picolinate)  45mcg           32%
Green Coffee Bean Extract 50%  65 mg            10 %
Kiwi Seed Extract  65 mg            10 %
Green Tea Leaf Extract  65 mg            10 %
Oliver Leaf Extract  65 mg             10 %
Collagen  67 mg          13,4 %
Co Q10  33 mg            6,6 %
L-Cartine  30,3 mg         6,0 %
Vitamin C (as Asorbic Acid)  300 UI           250 %
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridioxine)  150 UI           150 %
Vitamin E ( as Succinate)  200 UI           100 %

* Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet

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Usage and Dosage:
Take 1 capsule before breakfast per day. Taking it with empty stomach in the morning. Take 2 capsules before breakfast after 3rd day (if there’s no discomfort). Drink water as much as you can, so you will lose at least 15-18 lbs for the first month use.
* Maintain a healthy and blanced diet.
* Do exercise or cardio.

Safety information:
Slim Max weight loss pills are not for:
* People with psychosis or drug addiction, medicine or alcohol.
* People with hyperthyroidism, insuffciency of liver or kidney.
* Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
* Not applicable for  Patients of cordis-vasal disease and apoplexy.

Storage: Store in cool (room temperture), dry and dark condition. Keep out of reach of children.
Please read carefully before using.




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